Meza POS


Meza POS is a POS application for restaurants and cafes. The application enables restaurants to monitor the order flow through the venue thus giving an overview of the tables, order progress, staff management, billing and reporting.

Content (items, profiles, etc) is loaded dynamically from the portal via API, so any changes you make to the menu come into effect immediately.

The application communicates to other iPads via LAN, so even if the connection to the internet drops, operations can still occur.

There is also a partner application that allows for customers to order from a venue, before they even arrive. This allows for a ‘skip the queue’ system to occur.

Meza POS has multiple third party integrations built into it, such a Tyro, Xero and several others.

Tech Details

The iOS application is written natively, in Objective-C.

The API feeds the iOS application the menu and allows the POS to submit sales and other various processes. Both the REST API and the portal are hosted using AWS infrastructure, and is written in node.js.

  • Employer: CompSol
  • Platforms: iOS, Android
  • Completed: 2014
  • Skillset:
    • iOS & macOS Swift (1 to 5)
    • iOS Objective C
    • Laravel (4 to 5.8)
    • AWS Infrastructure Stack
    • MySQL
    • SQLite 3
    • HTML, CSS & Javascript
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