Developed in 2018 | Contract Work

Project Briefing

Beero was a cleverly designed application tailored for beer enthusiasts in the Sydney region. Its primary function was delightfully straightforward yet incredibly useful: users could input their favorite beer, and Beero would then calculate where they could find this beer nearby at the lowest price. But Beero didn’t stop there.

The app took advantage of Google’s comprehensive API to factor in current traffic conditions, a feature that set Beero apart from any typical store locator or price comparison tool. By analyzing traffic data, Beero didn’t just point users to the closest store or the one with the cheapest price; it intelligently combined these factors to identify the store that offered their favorite beer both cheaply and with the shortest travel time.

This fusion of convenience, cost-saving, and real-time traffic updates ensured that users not only saved money but also time, making Beero an essential app for beer lovers seeking the best deals in Sydney.

Technical Details

  • Both iOS and Android applications are native, written in Swift 4 and Kotlin respectively.
  • The GoogleMaps iOS & Android SDK were leveraged for the directions & real-time traffic updates functionality.