Developed in 2021 | Just Me

Project Briefing

macColorPicker is a tiny, pure Swift library designed for macOS applications that allows you to let your users easily choose a color.

macColorPicker allows you to present the user with a preset range of colors to choose from. As the developer, you get to choose how these are formatted, how they look, and what happens when a user makes a selection. If you want to give the user more control, you can also allow them to select a button that presents the NSColorPanel.

Technical Details

  • macColorPicker uses Swift 5 and AppKit, and runs for the macOS platform.
  • The macColorPicker project uses the MIT licence, and is hosted on Github.
  • macColorPicker supports CocoaPods, Carthage and Swift Package Manager.
  • macColorPicker uses unit tests in conjunction with Github Actions to ensure consistent code quality is maintained.