Crane - Landing Page

Developed in 2023 | Just Me

Project Briefing

The Crane landing page website is dedicated to showcasing the Crane app. Prioritizing both aesthetics and functionality and with a responsive design at its core, the site guarantees an optimal viewing experience across a diverse range of devices.

Pperformance is another cornerstone of the website. Harnessing the power of Hugo’s performance boosting, the website is engineered for rapid loading. This means users can access the information about the Crane app swiftly, without any delays that can often lead to site abandonment. Fast loading times are not just about efficiency; they also reflect the professionalism and technical prowess of the Crane app itself.

Additionally, the website features direct, easy-to-find links for downloading the Crane app, as well as explaining the paid tier for the Crane application.

Technical Details

  • The Crane Landing Page was written using Hugo.
  • The Apsho theme was used as the foundation for the theme. Minor tweaks were made to make it work for what was needed.
  • GitHub Actions was used for the CI/CD, and any push or PR to the main branch will result in an automatic deployment.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the chosen cloud provider. The components of AWS that are used for this site are:

  • Route53
  • CloudFront
  • Amazon Certificate Manager
  • S3

The pathway of viewing the site is as follows: User -> -> Route53 -> CloudFront -> S3

If the user enters (with the www subdomain) they will be redirected to the URL thanks to a written CloudFront Lambda@Edge function that strips the subdomain.

Having CloudFront be the access point for which the users view the site has benefits two-fold:

  • Reduces AWS costs as CloudFront data transfer is cheaper than S3 data transfer (as CloudFront essentially acts as a cache for the data in S3)
  • Reduces loading time as CloudFront data transfer is faster than S3 data transfer