For Later

Developed in 2015 | Contract Work

Project Briefing

For Later is an intuitive iOS application designed to transform the way users capture and share information from the web. It extends beyond the traditional screenshot functionality, enabling users to take comprehensive, ’long’ screenshots that encapsulate entire web pages. With For Later, you’re not just capturing a fleeting portion of a page; you’re saving the whole canvas in one seamless, extended image.

The app stitches together multiple consecutive screenshots into a single, cohesive image, offering a complete visual record of a website. Whether you’re looking to save articles for offline reading, share long blog posts on social media, or preserve a webpage for later reference, For Later ensures you don’t miss a single detail. The app also integrates sharing capabilities, allowing users to effortlessly distribute their long screenshots across various social media platforms, making it a perfect tool for digital archivists, content creators, and anyone who wants to capture and share web content with ease and precision.

Technical Details

  • For Later was written natively in Swift 4, using WKWebView for the webview.
  • The low level CALayer and CGImage frameworks were leveraged to create and stitch the screenshots.