Marine Rescue

Developed in 2014 | Alive

Project Briefing

The free app allows you to log on directly to Marine Rescue NSW, the State’s official volunteer marine rescue service, to register details of your next boating trip.

The app is simple and intuitive to use and once logged on will prompt you to enter details specific to your journey that are submitted to Marine Rescue NSW:

  • Image of your vessel
  • Number of people on board
  • Number of hours on the water
  • Your planned journey location

Once you’re back on shore, it’s just a matter of Logging Off to record your trip as complete and incident free. If you don’t Logged Off as expected, the App will alert us that you’re late and possibly in trouble, enabling us to swiftly deploy a search mission.

The App also comes with a safety tracking service for added peace of mind. The optional feature, which you can elect to turn on, records your location every 30 minutes, so in the event you’re in an emergency we can complete a targeted search mission.

MarineRescue is a great addition to your maritime safety toolkit.

Technical Details

  • This iOS application was written natively in Objective-C (as Swift wasn’t out yet).
  • CocoaPods was used for the dependency manager.