Meza POS

Developed in 2014 | Contract Work

Project Briefing

Meza POS is an innovative Point of Sale (POS) application, specifically crafted for the unique needs of restaurants and cafes. This advanced app offers an array of features including real-time monitoring of order flow, comprehensive overview of tables and order progress, efficient staff management, seamless billing, and detailed reporting.

The application stands out by dynamically loading content such as menu items and profiles directly from the portal through an API. This ensures any updates or changes to the menu are instantly reflected, enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

A key feature of Meza POS is its ability to maintain communication between multiple iPads via a local area network (LAN). This functionality ensures uninterrupted operations, even in the event of an internet outage, thereby providing reliability and continuity in service.

Enhancing customer experience, Meza POS also includes a partner application that empowers customers to place orders before arriving at the venue. This innovative ‘skip the queue’ feature not only improves customer convenience but also streamlines venue operations.

Furthermore, Meza POS integrates seamlessly with multiple third-party platforms, including Tyro for payment processing, Xero for accounting, and several other essential business tools. These integrations provide a more cohesive, efficient, and manageable business process, making Meza POS a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for modern restaurant and café management.

Technical Details

  • This iOS application was written natively in Objective-C (as Swift wasn’t out yet).
  • CocoaPods was used for the dependency manager.
  • FMDB was the underlying database technology.



Meza POS has since gone out of business and as such the apps are removed from the App Store.