OAC Team Connect

Developed in 2018 | Only About Children

Project Briefing

OAC Team Connect is a native iOS and Android application, used internally by the ‘Only About Children’ Admin Office to communicate with their employees, and allows their employees to view their payslips.

The Admin Office sends out messages regarding work to the employees via the Team Connect web portal, which the employees can either via on the iOS / Android application, or via the website.

OAC Team Connect integrates into the payslip system’s API. After the payslip data is extracted, the data is encrypted in such a way that only the designated user can decrypt and view the payslip.

Technical Details


  • The iOS application was written natively in Swift 3, programatically drawing the UI with Autolayout Constraints.
  • CocoaPods was used for the dependency manager.


  • The Android application was written natively in Java.


  • The server side application (CMS and API) was written in Laravel 4.
  • All the content provided by the organisations is provided via a CMS, which is then fed to the applications via a REST API, using the JSON format to transmit the data.
  • The infrastructure leverages AWS Elastic Beanstalk, using S3, Amazon Glacier, RDS, and EC2 instances to host the server application. A load balancer instance is used with an AutoScaling group to ensure that the infrastructure is scalable and propagates or terminates EC2 instances depending on the incoming traffic.



Since leaving OAC, OAC Team Connect has since been decommissioned.